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Fire breaks out at Almaty flea market 13 сентября 2013, 18:17

30 vehicles and 134 firemen are fighting the fire; the fire has still not been taken under control and may spread further; two injured.
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Fire at Almaty's largest flea market. ©Roza Yesenkulova Fire at Almaty's largest flea market. ©Roza Yesenkulova
One of the sections of Almaty flea market is on fire, Tengrinews.kz correspondent reports from the site. According to the Almaty Emergencies Department, the fire started at 1:55 p.m. The market's traders say that the fire started in the section called "Olzha" then spread further to "Ayan". Dozens of fire engines and their crews are trying to extinguishing the fire or at least take it under control. There is a total of 26 fire engines, four regular trucks, and 134 firemen at the site fighting the fire already. It is still impossible to approach the areas on fire. According to the Almaty Emergencies Department, the area on fire is around 300 square meters large. Despite the warnings of the firemen the traders are trying to get back into the market to try and save the remaining goods. Besides, the Almaty Emergencies Department fears that there may be several propane gas cylinders (used for cooking) inside a cafe located at the market. They may explode from the heat and fire. According to the latest information the fire has started to spread outside the market and the fence surrounding the market's territory has been badly deformed by the heat. Police officers and interior forces are intercepting the traders trying to get into the burning market. Traffic up Rozybakiyev street has been blocked by the police. Two people have been injured in the fire. According to paramedics who arrived in ambulances to the site one of them has a fracture of his foot bones because a part of a metal frame fell on his foot, the other feels sick and dizzy probably because of inhaling too much smoke and toxic vapors. By Roza Yesenkulova

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