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Atyrau suicide bomber identified 01 ноября 2011, 18:03

Suicide bomber who blew himself up in Atyrau on October 31 has been identified.
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Kazakhstan's Special Forces. ©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan's Special Forces. ©RIA Novosti
Suicide bomber who blew himself up in Atyrau on October 31 has been identified, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing the source in law-enforcement authorities. "This is a young man, he is 24, a resident of Atyrau,” the source said. Prosecution office, however, did not confirm this information to Tengrinews.kz. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that two explosions happened in Atyrau in the morning of October 31. The first blast was in the garbage can at Kulmanov street. Later an unknown man blew himself up in Saryarka region. The terrorists apprehension operation was held in Atyrau at night on November 1. The details of the operations are unknown yet. On November 1 Islamic group Djund Al-Khalifat (Soldiers of Khalifat) claimed responsibility for the explosions. Islamists placed the message where they accept the responsibility for the terrorist attack on jihadist forums. According to representatives of the group, the explosion was intentionally made by a suicide bomber and the terrorist attack “was just a warning for the government”.

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