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ArcelorMittal to pay 2.5 million tenge to family of Aktau fire victim 26 февраля 2013, 17:47

One of three victims of the fire in ArcerlorMittal Aktau plant in Mangistau oblast of Kazakhstan died in the hospital.
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Tengrinews.kz stock photo Tengrinews.kz stock photo
One of three victims of the fire in ArcerlorMittal Aktau plant in Mangistau oblast of Kazakhstan died in the hospital on Saturday. According to the chief doctor of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Department of the oblast hospital Zhanserik Shaukhymberdiyes, the electrician born in 1989, who was hospitalized with 95-98 percent of his body burnt, died in the intensive care unit. The second victims (born in 1954) is now conscience, but is still in the intensive care with an artificial respiration unit. He has a inhalation burn and a toxic burn of one lung. A short circuit caused fire in the electric substation of ArcelorMittal Aktau pipe plant and injured three people. One of them was discharged from the hospital after some medical aid. He was not in the epicenter of fire, but tried to carry his colleagues out of the burning building. He had a light poisoning with carbon monoxide vapors. The fire happened in the Shop No.2 that was working on development of protective elements of of pipe coating and has several laboratories in it. The employees of the Emergency Situations Department are performing the investigation. The Department's management denies that there was a explosion but confirm that there was a fire. "That is a one-storey metal building with a transforming station it in. There was no blast. The building would have been damaged it there was one. I have been reading on the Internet that everyone is talking about some blast. This is not correct, there was none. All three men worked as electricians at the plant. The doctors are not making any forecasts yet. The Department's employees are performing an investigation," head of Mangistau oblast Emergency Situations Department Serik Khairushev said. The family of the electrician who died in the fire will received 2.5 million tenge ($16.7 thousand) from the company. "The family of the 23-y.o. victim will receive 1.5 million tenge ($10 thousand) for the loss of the family bread-winner. Another 1 million tenge ($6.7 thousand) will be transferred to the family as financial aide," manager on coordination of work with regional media of ArcelorMittal Temirtau Natalya Vysotskaya told Interfax-Kazakhstan. "We bear social responsibility to our employees and are going to do our best to support this family," she said. The second victim will get financial aide as well. "The final amount to be paid to the victim has not been defined yet. The aide will be paid as and when necessary. The company is now paying for all the required medicines and is ready to pay for further treatment of the victim," Vysotskaya said. "If necessary, he will be transferred to another hospital for a more effective treatment. But right now the doctors do not recommend to transport him and believe it unnecessity at the current stage of treatment," she explained.

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