Petroleum train on fire in Aktau, 2 dead one missing

16 ноября 2013, 18:17
The accident site. ©
The accident site. ©
The accident site. ©
The accident site. ©
The accident site. ©
The accident site. ©
Oil tanks are on fire near Aktau city in western Kazakhstan Tengrinews reports citing

The total of 8 petroleum tanks and a nearby construction trailer are burning at the railway crossing in an industrial area between Bayandy and Manigistau-5 villages.

The fire started at 11:30 local time. The locomotive pulling the tanks collided with a KAMAZ truck at the crossing. The accident caused the inflammation.

Locomotive driver and his assistant were killed in the fire. The driver died on the spot while the assistant was delivered to Mangistau Oblast Hospital in a critical condition, but died in the intensive care unit shortly after.

The truck driver has not been discovered yet. He reportedly fled from the accident site.

The Emergency Department's firefighting teams are already at the accident site trying to extinguish the fire. All most all the fire team of Aktau have been dispatched to the site, but they still have not managed to take the fire under control.

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