Oil spilled from pipeline in Atyrau oblast

21 декабря 2012, 17:46
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Oil spilled from Gran-Martyshi pipeline in Issatai region of Kazakhstan’s Atyrau oblast, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports.

The accident happened on December 20 because of a crack in the metal valve on a pipeline. The pipeline itself is fiberglass, regional prosecutor Maksat Yermekov told Interfax-Kazakhstan on Friday, December 21. According to him, the total pollution area made 566 square meters.

The leaking pipeline is owned by ZhaiykMunaiGas of EmbaMunaiGas (a branch of KazMunaiGas Production & Exploration). “The valve was replaced by an emergency team of ZhaiykMunaiGas and the oil flow in the pipeline was resumed. The environmental damage is being evaluated and measures will follow,” Yermekov said.

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