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More flood in Kyzylorda Oblast 07 марта 2014, 12:55

Birlik village in Kyzylorda Oblast (Zhanakorgan region) suffers from streams of muddy water once again.
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Photo© the Akimat of the Kyzylorda Oblast Photo© the Akimat of the Kyzylorda Oblast
Birlik village in Zhanakorgan region of Kyzylorda Oblast in southern Kazakhstan is suffering from streams of muddy water again, Tengrinews reports. 8 houses have been badly flooded and several barns collapsed in the village. “The melt-water is coming from the mountains. Our problem is that the village is located at the foot of the mountain. Eight houses in our village have been flooded, but none of them have collapsed, but several barns have been destroyed. The water flow has subsided and I think everything is going to be back to normal soon,” says Aripbek Assanov, a resident of Birlik village. “Houses on two south-eastern streets of the village were affected. Despite the warming weather, the earth remains icy and covered with snow. An emergency response center led by the Akim (Governor) of the region Sultanbek Taupbayev has gathered more than 300 locals and arranged a tractor with a dirt scoop and a moto-pump from the region’s fleet and two more field engines from the district fleet to assist the villagers. They managed to redirect the water flow under the Western Europe-Western China highway via underground pipes and into an old water channel,” the local authorities report. Earlier, in the end of February, hundreds of houses were flooded by melt-water in Zhanakorgan region. Locals tried to block the water flow using sandbags, but it did not work under the pressure of melt-water. Later, a special rescue party was dispatched to the region.

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