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Three foreigners attacted in Aktau 22 июля 2013, 14:22

A man attacked three foreigners on July 20 near Alatau mall in Aktau.
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Photo courtesy of lada.kz Photo courtesy of lada.kz
A man attacked three foreigners at 04:30 p.m. on July 20 near Alatau mall in Aktau, Lada.kz writes. Witnesses of the incident said that the attacker was beating up the three foreign travelers with a metal tube screaming “I hate foreigners”. “These guys have been buying food in the store, eating in the cafeteria and spending time near the mall for several days. They were planning to leave Aktau today and as usually were seating next to the mall. That man with a tube appeared quite suddenly and started heating them in the heads. After that the attacker sat down next to them and remained seating there smiled. When the police arrived he started calling his mom on the phone,” the mall’s guard said. After the fight, the Belgian citizen who was one of the three injured was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and his French friend waived the medical aid even in spite of his injured head. According to him, he and his friends had met only friendly people in Kazakhstan before and the accident came as a big unpleasant surprise for them. The three victims waived applying to police referring to lack of time as they were planning to leave Kazakhstan in the nearest time. Meanwhile, the attacker introduced himself to the police as a disabled person and stated that he did not attack anyone. The metal pipe he used to beat the foreigners was not found either. The man was only carrying a crutch with him. Since the three foreigners have refused to file a claim against their attacker, the man is not going to be charged with any crime even thought it had many witnesses.

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