Tazhayakov's father accuses FBI agent of false testimony

21 july 2014, 21:22
Tazhayakov's father accuses FBI agent of false testimony - Amir Ismagulov at Boston bombing site. Photo ©REUTERS
Amir Ismagulov at Boston bombing site. Photo ©REUTERS

Azamat Tazhayakov’s father Amir Ismagulov declared that Sara Wood, an FBI agent, had given a false testimony during the hearing of his son's obstructing justice in Boston bombing investigation case. Ismagulov said that her testimony sounded as if it was priority coordinated with the  prosecutors.

In her testimony, Wood said that Kazakhstani students Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev decided to get rid of the backpack that contained fireworks from the suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnayev’s room together. She said that Kadyrbayev suggested to get rid of the backpack and his friends Tazhayakov agreed.

Ismagulov maintained that Wood was not telling the truth. “Sara Wood started telling lies. After she started lying, our lawyers explained everything and brought her lies to light. She was telling one thing and then after a counter interrogation, she confessed something different. She said that Azamat agreed to Dias’s suggestion to throw away that bag. That said, there are no records of Azamat saying that he agreed to throw away the bag,” Ismagulov said.

He added that Wood did not conduct audio or video recording of the questioning and did not offer him to sign the interview protocol after they were done. In Kazakhstan, after the questioning is done the interrogation officer gives the interview protocol to the suspect to sign in confirmation that all the above is an accurate record of his statement. But (in the United States) prosecution is based her words only,” Ismagulov said.

Ismagulov said that Tazhayakov was pressured during the interrogation.

Ismagulov explained how his son and Kadyrbayev’s defense was been organized. “Dias did not throw away the bag voluntarily. He was made to throw away the bag. You will learn about who and how did it during the hearing. All the things that Azamat’s lawyer is doing right now have been negotiated with Dias’s lawyer. (…) Right now our boys are being badmouthed. In fact, neither Azamat nor Dias or Robel went out to help Tsarnayev,” Ismagulov said.

The hearings of Ismagulov's son Azamat Tazhayakov's case started in the end of June.

Reporting by Alisher Akhmetov, writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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