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Human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Almaty 06 марта 2014, 13:26

A man tried to sell a Kyrgyz girl in Almaty for one thousand dollars.
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Photo a courtesy of kp.ru Photo a courtesy of kp.ru
The story of the Kyrgyz girl reminds of 12 years slave with a modern twist in the middle of Almaty. Clearly, it was not a real-story-based Hollywood movie, but a prime example of realties of human trafficking happening on everyday basis. A certain righteous citizen came to the Turksib Prosecutor’s Office and told a bizarre story of a man who offered to sell girl for a thousand dollars. The Prosecution responded with due diligence. The seller was caught when he was receiving his money for the girl. The Prosecutor’s Office and the DIA conducted the successful operation near Alash stadium at the crossing of Seifullin and Aimautov streets in Almaty. The Prosecutor of Turksib district Timur Aizthanov said that the 23 y.o Kyrgyz girl was forcedly confined in different apartments in Almaty to be later sold for sexual exploitation. While the detainee remains in the detention center a criminal case under the article Human Trafficking has been initiated. The investigation is underway.

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