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Germany investigates Aliyev and his father-in-law 17 июня 2013, 15:01

Prosecutors of German Krefeld have launched their own investigation against Kazakhstan tycoon-on-the-run Rakhat Aliyev.
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Rakhat Aliyev. Snapshot of youtube.com video Rakhat Aliyev. Snapshot of youtube.com video
Malta is not the only European country investigating Rakhat Aliyev's doings. Prosecutors of the German town of Krefeld have launched their own investigation against the Kazakhstan tycoon-on-the-run, Deutsche Welle reports citing the press-service of Krefeld prosecutor’s office. Earlier the German authorities initiated an investigation against Rakhat Aliyev’s current father-in-law Muratkhan Shorazov. The prosecutor's office of Krefeld confirmed this information. The case is complicated, because chains of the investigation discover new links and initiate new chains and take the investigators to new directions, the authority’s representative explained. “The investigation involves many countries and it is hard to evaluate when and with what results the prosecutors will finish the preliminary investigation. It may be that the decision will come very soon, but if new links be discovered, it will last for several more months,” the press-service said. German investigators are not cooperating with their Maltese colleagues yet. Krefeld prosecutors did not say whether the Matlese court ruling would have any effect on the actions of the German authorities. On June 6, 2013 Maltese court initiated a criminal case against former Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Austria Rakhat Aliyev over accusations of money laundering. The judge froze his millions in bank accounts on Malta, banned property deals and authorized the police to access his accounts, real estate and even his yacht. Besides Aliyev himself the court order included his wife Elnara Shorazova, their 3-y.o. daughter and two of the tycoon’s business partners. Deutsche Welle tried to get comments from Rakhat Aliyev's attorneys on the German investigation. But since Aliyev has been frequently changing his attorneys, the magazine could not find who is represents him in Malta these days.

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