Peace Corps volunteer sexually abused in Karaganda oblast

11 ноября 2011, 14:55
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Peace Corps volunteer who arrived in Kazakhstan to teach English accused a resident of Saran town (near Karaganda) of a sexual abuse., reports citing Karaganda oblast Interior Department.

The American woman went to a cafe with of her local two friends. Later a couple of young men joint the company, they were friends of the woman's friends. After the cafe was closed, the company decided to continue the party and went to the apartment where the volunteer lived. One of the young men drank too much and fell asleep. According to the American, the man woke up at night and “commited a sexual act with her against her will”.

“So far the fact of the abuse has been confirmed only by the woman herself. She has already identified the young man. All the biological samples have been maken and test are being made, but the results are not ready yet,” head of the information department of Karaganda oblast Interior Department Zhanatai Sembekov said. The police is going to take action only after the results of all the tests arrice; criminal case has not been initiated yet.

This August the resident of Turkestan was arrested in suspicion of abusing a U.S. citizen, a volunteer in a local school. The criminal case was initiated against him.

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