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Kazakhstan citizen accused of military espionage in U.S.

08 октября 2012, 17:58
Photo courtesy of er.ru
Photo courtesy of er.ru
Brooklyn prosecutor's office has brought charges against 11 Russian citizens suspected of military espionage, RIA Novosti reports. The suspects were apprehended October 2.

According to American media, the Russian citizens are accused of illegal export of military technologies to Russia. The statement of Brooklyn prosecutor Loretta Linch says that the said citizens are accused of export of microelectronic elements that are "under strict government control due to their possible use in many military systems". The microelectronics were supposedly supplied to intelligence and military institutions of Russia.

The apprehended suspects include citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, the news agency writes citing council-advisor of Russian general consulate in Houston Sergey Azizov.

"Yes, this is the information on their citizenship that we have. Aleksandra Possobilova, Aleksander Fischenko, Viktoria Klebanova hold dual citizenship of Russia and the U.S., Anastassiya Dyatlova is a citizen of Russia. The rest are the citizens of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan," the speaker said.

According to Peterburg-Channel 5, 46-y.o. Kazakhstan-born Aleksander Fischenko is the main suspect. According to the prosecutors, he established a company called Arc Electronics that he allegedly used to illegally supply high-tech microschemes that could be used is different armamenet systems.

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