Crime rate went 40 percent up in Kazakhstan

15 декабря 2011, 14:35
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159,592 crimes were registered in Kazakhstan in January-October 2011, which is 41.4 percent more than in the same period of 2010, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Kazakhstan State Statistics Agency.

According to the Agency, the crime ratio is 116 crimes per every 10 thousand citizens. 6,945 registered crimes were committed against persons including 1,207 intentional murders and attempted homicides and 1,551 cases of intentional infliction of heavy damage to health.

9,091 crimes against public security and public order were also registered in January-October. 27,025 crimes against property, including 92,885 robberies were registered in the period from January to October 2011.

The Agency noted that the total amount of financial damage of the cases investigated in January-October exceeded 200 billion tenge ($1.4 billion); 67 percent of the financial damages were caused by economic crimes.

The Statistics Agency also noted that 3,662 drug-related crimes were registered in Kazakhstan in January-October. This is 51.5 percent less than in the same period last year. Besides, 285 crimes committed by militarymen were registered in this period, which is 9.8 percent less than last year. Law-enforcement authorities of Kazakhstan apprehended 68,648 criminals (0.9 percent less than in January-October 2010), including 12.4 percent women, 7.5 percent under-aged, 2 percent state officials, 8.8 percent persons who had previous convictions.

76.7 percent of the criminals were unemployed. Every 7th criminal was drunk when wrongdoing and every 4th had accomplices. Criminal charges were brought against 42,302 people in January-October.

Kazakhstan’s population is over 16.6 million people.

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