Atyrau oil refinery suspends petrol production

15 октября 2012, 13:51
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Atyrau oil refinery has suspended production of petrol over an accident, Ak Zhaiyk writes citing the refinery’s first deputy chief engineer Rustem Bissaliyev.

The accident happened on October 6 in the furnace of the catalytic reforming block of LG 35-11/300-95 unit. The decision was made to suspend the works. Repair works are currently in process.

According to Bissaliyev, the repairs are not simple, as the furnace is a multi-chamber one and maintenance experts will have to dismantle a part of it to reach the damaged area.

Atyrau oil refinery produces half of the petrol sold in Atyrau oblast. Besides, it is the only supplier of AI-80 petrol in Kazakhstan.

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