Kazakhstan's mysterious and exciting singer Galymzhan Moldanazar works with American Break of Reality

11 июля 2015, 00:28
Galymzhan Moldanazar. Photo from personal archives.
Galymzhan Moldanazar. Photo from personal archives.

A couple years ago, a tall humble fellow with a gentle voice and contemporary take on lyricism stormed into the Kazakhstani music scene. He was new and exciting, and represented something that had never happened in the local music before. But what is more interesting about Galymzhan Moldanazar is his ability to keep his music fresh and deeply touching.

He once said in an interview with Afisha that he feared two things in life - money and fame. Moldanazar keeps a low profile outside of the music realm. He writes music that is personal, individual yet so universal.

The musician travelled to the States this summer. There, Moldanazar gave his first performance with the American band Break of Reality working in cinematic rock and cello rock. One of the Kazakhstani photographers based in New York Kanat Beysekeev visited the performance of his fellow countryman.

"It was truly a big event and something to be proud of. I saw the New York audience applauding and sympathizing with Galym. I saw people taking videos and other musicians admiring our countryman. It is a hard work worth the praise," the young photographer said.

During his visit, Moldanazar recorded a song with Break of Reality.

Before that American Break of Reality performed in Almaty in March 2015. That was when they first met Galymzhan Moldanazar. 

The Kazakhstani works in an unusual for local music scene genres - electropop and synth funk. And the collaboration of the American musicians and the Kazakhstani singer produced an interesting mix. Moldanazar's song Akpen Birge gained new dimensions with their cello tunes and drums.

As the mysterious musician Moldanazar continues cruising through the music realm, we await more reasons to be proud of him.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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