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Racing: Kazakhstan team leaves for Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge-2013 04 апреля 2013, 17:45

Besides 5 offroaders Kazakhstan will be represented by a quad for the first time at the Abu-Dhabi race.
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Kazakhstan's crew at Africa Eco Race-2013. Still shot from the team's promo trailer. Kazakhstan's crew at Africa Eco Race-2013. Still shot from the team's promo trailer.
Off Road Kazakhstan team left for Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge-2013 to be held on April 4-11, Vesti.kz reports. President of Kazakhstan Automotosport Federation Marat Abykayev will take part in this race as a navigator in one of the offroaders. Zhanat Zhalimbetov will pilot that car. Abykayev said that all the racers of the team were determined and ready to fight for the first places. He assured that the team would do its best. "80 percent of the race's route is made of sands and the remaining 20 percent are no mixed and gravel roads. This race is considered one of the most difficult in the World Cup. The camp is located in one place and the race is petaled. The racers have to pass a new petal every day. The approximate distance of every stage is 400-500km," Abykayev said. According to Abykayev, weather conditions will be the main difficulty of the coming race. The rally will be held at the territory of UAE. It is the second stage of the FIA World Cup and the first stage of the FIM World Cup. The participants will have to pass 3 thousand kilometers on sand and small rocks. Kazakhstan's quad will take part in Abu-Dhabi race for the first time. Aleksander Linnik will drive Yamaha Raptor-700 with technical support from Polish Orlen Team. There will be over 17 quad crews, most of them being Arab teams. Linnik told that he viewed the race as a preparation for the Africa Eco Race that starts in France and finishes in Dakar, Senegal. "There are also plans to take part in the Dakar race. The difference of the quad from T1 or T2 car is that the quad is not a car and it is much more difficult to drive it. You are exposed to heat and wind and of course there is no safety except for what the driver is wearing. That's why there are certain difficulties and most frequently a fairly small number of quads and bikes make it to the finish. That's why it is a big success to reach it. My main goal is to watch more experienced sportsmen who have already won this race, gain my own experience and try not to be left in the very end," he said. Winners of Africa Eco Race-2013 in T2 class Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz are also planning to achieve good results at the race. "We showed good results at the Africa Eco Race, we were the first in our car class. I was a great pleasure. Now we are going in the same mood and will try to do our best to reach the finish and be in the first place again," Moroz said. Kazakhstan team will go through the administrative check today. The cars will be checked on April 5 to define the class of each car. The qualifications are scheduled for April 6 and the first stage of the race will start on April 7. Kazakhstan will be represented by 6 crews: 5 offroaders and 1 quad. The crews include pilot Zhanat Zhalimbetov and navigator Marat Abykayev on Nissan Patrol, pilot Denis Berezovskiy and navigator Aleksey Nikizhev on Nissan Patrol Y61. Both crews will be competing in T2 Production class. Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz will represent their team MOBILEX Rally Team on M440. Two crews with drivers Baurzhan Issabayev and Aidyn Rakhimbayev will represent Astana team. Speaking of the future plans, the racers said that part of Kazakhstan crews would go to the Africa Eco Race and the others to the Dakar. According to Abykayev, there is no competition between Astana and Off Road Kazakhstan and all the racers just represent Kazakhstan. Besides, Abykayev suggested that both teams would be able to take part in the same tournaments in future. Kazakhstan team's participation in Africa Eco Race-2013
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