PHOTO: Radio Control drifts demonstrated at Almaty Auto Festival The second Summer Drive Auto Festival was held at APORT shopping mall parking lot on June 3 in Almaty.
08 июня 2012
Summer Drive fest to be held in Almaty on June 3 Large-scale car fest Summer Drive will be held in Almaty at APORT shopping mall’s parking lot for the second time.
01 июня 2012
36 Bentley Continental GT and 33 Maybach vehicles are registered in Kazakhstan 36 Bentley Continental GT and 33 Maybach vehicles are registered in Kazakhstan, according to the Traffic Police Committee of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan .
29 мая 2012
Almaty drivers to participate in mini-drifting in Upgrade Auto Show Annual Upgrade Car Tuning and Sound Auto Show Competition will be held in Almaty at the square near Ritz Palace shopping mall on June 10.
25 мая 2012
Kazakhstan road police set rates for prestigious plate numbers Kazakhstan road police commission has announced the rates for "prestigious" plate numbers.
30 апреля 2012
Subaru and BMW want to clear Kazakhstan market of counterfeit spare parts Subaru, Hyundai and BMW are going to get listed in the Kazakhstan customs registry of intellectual property.
17 марта 2012
Mercedes-Benz will fence off Kazakhstan from counterfeit spare parts Mercedes-Benz is to enter the customs registry of intellectual property to protect Kazakhstan market from counterfeit spare parts.
16 марта 2012
PHOTO: Car with masseurs for Kazakhstan officials will cost $60 thousand Kazakhstan-made executive class cars were presented in Astana.
15 марта 2012
Kazakhstan will face no car spare parts deficit There will be no deficit of spare parts in Kazakhstan in relation to the distributors' intention to get listed in the customs registry of intellectual property.
15 марта 2012
Toyota Motor Kazakhstan gives a delay to unofficial spare parts importers Toyota Motor Kazakhstan gives a 6-month delay for unofficial importers of Toyota and Lexus original spare parts to prevent spare part deficit.
15 марта 2012
Kazakhstan to manufacture cars for state officials Kazakhstan will start manufacturing executive cars for state officials.
14 марта 2012
PHOTO: $9,000 Chance to be assembled in Kazakhstan Affordable cars called Chance, known as Daewoo Lanos, will be assembled in Kazakhstan.
16 февраля 2012
Lada Granta to be sold in Kazakhstan in H2 2012 Lada Granta will appear in Kazakhstan in the second half of 2012.
12 декабря 2011
Ban on import of American cars will not affect Kazakhstan residents New technical rules limiting import of certain cars to Customs Union countries will not affect Kazakhstan residents.
09 декабря 2011
Most popular cars of Kazakhstan: Rating Tengrinews has made a rating of the most cars in Kazakhstan as of November 23, 2011.
27 ноября 2011
Photo: Top-10 most expensive cars in Kazakhstan website has compiled the list of the most expensive cars as of November 2011.
05 ноября 2011
Arthur Ardavichus: We have to be in top 20 of Dakar We are ready and we will compete until we are out of strenght. The team is made of professionals only: Pilot of Kazakhstan team.
26 октября 2011
Import of cars from USA to be banned in June 2012 Limitations on import of certain types of cars will be introduced in Customs Union countries in June 2012.
20 октября 2011
Kazakhstan-made offroader to be released in 2012 Kazakhstan-made offroader called Nomad will appear in Kazakhstan in the end of 2012.
14 октября 2011
Most high-powered Kazakhstan supercars to be tested in Almaty The most high-powered Kazakhstani sports cars will fight in the fourth and final stage of Drag Racing Championship in Almaty.
14 октября 2011

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