36 Bentley Continental GT and 33 Maybach vehicles are registered in Kazakhstan

29 may 2012, 18:57
36 Bentley Continental GT and 33 Maybach cars are registered in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Traffic Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Most of the luxury cars are registered in Almaty. There are less such cars in Astana and in the cities like Shymkent, Atyrau and Pavlodar such cars are a rarity.

14 Maybach 62 are registered in Kazakhstan: 11 of them in Almaty and 3 in Astana. Сlassic black is the most popular color, but combined colors are also seen. One of the cars is of Zeppelin modification, its power increased from 550 to 610 horsepower. The car’s engine capacity is 5.5 liters and indicative cost is $470 thousand.

Less luxury car is Maybach 57, which cost $80 thousand cheaper and it is seen more often in Kazakhstan. There are 19 such cars in the country. One of the cars is of unusual golden color. 16 Maybach 57 are registered in Almaty, while Astana, Atyrau and Shymkent have only one each.

Bentley Continental GT is the most popular luxury car in Kazakhstan. 36 Kazakhstan citizens own Bentley Continental GTs: 31 in Almaty, 4 in Astana and 1 in Pavlodar. Most of Bentleys are black or white, but rare enough combinations have also been seen, for example green and gray pearl and dark orange metal. Engine capacity of Bentley Continental GT is 6 liters and the cost is about $230 thousand. More powerful Speed modification costs $30 thousand more, there are four such vehicles in Kazakhstan.

James Bond's car from Casino Royale movie has not skipped the attention of Kazakhstan citizens either. Two Aston Martin DBS are registered in the country, both in Almaty and both are classic grey. DBS has 6.2 liters engine capacity and its cost is about $300 thousand.

Sport car Ferrari F430 is also seen in our country. There are four Ferrari F430 registered in Almaty. Two cars are traditionally red, one car is black and the last one is blue. The car’s engine capacity is 4.3 liters and the price is about $260 thousand.

Another famous representative of Italian car industry - Lamborghini Murcielago - is also seen in Kazakhstan. One car is registered in Almaty, another in Astana. They are black and orange. The car has 6.2 liters engine capacity and its cost is about $300 thousand.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren has found a couple of owners in the country, too, and they are both in Almaty. The cars are both silver, the engine capacity is 5.4 liters and the price of the German car is about $470 thousand.

The most popular combinations of figures on number plates of the cars still remain the same: 777, 007 and 001. Sometimes identification number of the cars match their car model number. For example, Ferrari F430 has X 430 XXX on its plate.

It is interesting that one of the Bentley Continental GT is registered to a 88 year-old woman and another person of the same age possesses Maybach 57. Two other Bentley Continental GTs are owned by 22-year-old girls, one the them has Speed modification.

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