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Low-powered cars becoming popular in Kazakhstan 03 августа 2012, 19:18

2,661 low-powered cars were sold this May: expert.
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Production of LADA cars. ©RIA Novosti Production of LADA cars. ©RIA Novosti
Low-powered cars are becoming popular in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the analyst of Kazakhstan Car Business Association Kristina Smirnova. “2,661 low-powered cars were sold this May. This is 3 times more than in April 2012. Atyrau is a sales leader with 308 cars sold. 291 and 281 cars were sold in Almaty and Astana, correspondingly,” Smirnova said. According to the expert, Russian cars remain the leaders in this area. There are also 10 other brands of fuel-efficiency cars at Kazakhstan market. Lada Kalina is the most popular car with small engine volume. “Speaking of light vehicles in general, Kazakhstan market has increased by almost 124 percent in May 2012, compared to April,” Smirnova noted. Kazakhstan residents also prefer locally-made sedans that cost below $20 thousand. According to Kazakhstan Car Business Association, ZAZ Chance worth $8.9 thousand is the most popular among locally made sedans in Kazakhstan. It is followed by Chevrolet Cruze and Kia Cerato.

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