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Average Kazakhstan citizen ready to spend $16 thousand on car 16 августа 2012, 18:35

Kazakhstan Car Business Association made a list of cars that Kazakhstan residents can buy for $16 thousand.
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An average Kazakhstan citizen is ready to spend $16 thousand on a car, President of Kazakhstan Car Business Association Andrey Lavrentyev told Tengrinews.kz. According to the results of the car marker analyses made by the Association, B and C segment cars worth up to $16 thousand are currently the most demanded category in Kazakhstan. Based on that, the Association made a list of highly-demanded cars at Kazakhstan market. Base on the research, Kazakhstan resident who have $16 thousand to spend and want to buy a good used car can buy the following: Toyota Camry made in 1997-2002 for $12-16 thousand, Toyota Corolla made in 2002-2004 for $14.3-16 thousand, Mercedes E280 made in 1997 for $12-14 thousand, Nissan Maxima made in 1998 for $12-13.5 thousand, Subaru Legacy made in 1999-2002 for $10.5 to 15 thousand, Mitsubishi Galant made in 2001-2003 for $13-15 thousand and Mitsubishi Lancer made in 2003 for $14.2 thousand. “The cars in this price range are normally used for 5-11 years and have a mileage of over 100 thousand km and thus, are seriously worn. In our opinion, it is better to buy a new car,” the Association states. However, the market of new cars has less to offer for such money: Uz-Daewoo Nexia made in 2012 for $8.6 thousand; Daewoo Chance made in Kazakhstan in 2012 for $8.9 thousand; Hyundai Accent made in Russia in 2012 for $16 thousand; Kia RIO made in Kazakhstan in 2012 for $15,750 and Lada Priora made in 2012 for $10 thousand. The Association notes that Kazakhstan is currently full of rumors about an approaching raise of car prices. These rumors are used by dishonest market players to motivate Kazakhstan residents to rashly buy used cars at high prices. The experts assure that no car price raise is not expected in the nearest future. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English cited head of Kazakhstan Independent Car Union Eduard Edokov who said that buying used cars is more feasible for Kazakhstan’s average car-owners. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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