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Voter turnout for elections expected at over 50% 28 февраля 2011, 02:54

Chairman of the CEC Adil Dzhunusov says voter turnout for the presidential elections will be over 50%
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The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Kazakhstan is now finalizing the lists of voters, reports Adil Dzhunusov, Chairman of the CEC for Almaty. He said that by March 13 all the polling stations should have complete lists of voters, but in some of newly built residential estates in Almaty residents are not duly registered yet. After the polling stations will have published the lists of voters, any citizen will have a possibility to come and make sure his/her name is in the list. The CEC will also publish lists of voters on its official web site. Representatives of a variety of political parties are expected to be part of local election commissions at each of the polling stations. Forecasting the voter turnout at over 50%, Mr. Dzhunusov relies on the 2005 figures: the voter turnout stood at 53% at that time. According to the campaign headquarters, the number of voters in Almaty, financial center of Kazakhstan, stands at 947 100. Early presidential election in Kazakhstan is scheduled for April 3, 2011.

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