5 thousand volunteers to observe presidential elections

25 марта 2011, 17:18
5 thousand volunteers will be observing presidential elections in Kazakhstan, a Tengrinews.kz journalist reports.

They will undergo a training in ethics and law first. And on April 3, 2011, these trained people (including students and young people) will be observing the voting process, said the chairman of the state presidential elections committee that initiated the volunteers’ trainings.

“We are running classes to educate them on proper behavior at the polling stations, observation methods, and the election law. Four thousand volunteer observers all over the country are already undergoing the training for the elections,” said Nurlan Yerimbetov.

As part of the training the volunteers are also receiving leaflets listing main rights and obligations of observers as a reminder.

The volunteers have initiated creation of the website of the national public commission monitoring the presidential elections.

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