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300 workers strike out at Western Europe - Western China highway 13 мая 2014, 21:30

300 construction workers of the Western Europe-Western China highway project have gone on strike.
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Photo © 31.kz Photo © 31.kz

300 construction workers of the Western Europe - Western China highway project have gone on strike, Tengrinews reports citing Channel 31.

The workers of Dogush Gulsan, a Turkish construction company, are discontent with their employer for breaching their labor contracts. In addition, the road builders are complaining about low salaries and impossible working conditions.

“They have not paid us our full salaries, that is why people are on strike. We did not receive 30 or 40% of our pay,” Yerlan Akylzhan, a construction worker said.

“Our families do not get enough. The prices are going up while our pay is becoming smaller. We work from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. They do not give us time for lunch and we have to eat as we go. It is a total abuse,” Asan, one of the workers added.

The Turkish company promised to deal with the situation in the next couple of days. The company's lawyers have already started working with the labor contracts to revise the salaries.

But there is only so much the workers can tolerate. They are no longer kin on letting the management get away with just words and promise to stop working again if their demands are not met in the nearest future.

It is not the first time workers go on strike during the construction of the Western Europe - Western China highway, an ambitious project called to connect the two large markets via Kazakhstan. Earlier, workers from South Kazakhstan Oblast went on strike against their employer, an Iranian construction company. The employees were outraged with disproportionately low salaries and bad food.

The project of the Western Europe-Western China highway is managed by several countries at once. The highway aims to enhance transportation between Europe and Asia. In addition, it will ease the import of goods from China. The construction started in 2008 and the highway is scheduled to open in 2019.

The total length of the highway is 8445 km. The length of Kazakhstan's section of the highway is 2500 km. Turkish Dogush Gulsyan is now working on the kilometer 112 of the highway not far from Almaty.


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