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Wind-ripped roofing knocks 10 y.o. into coma in Taldykorgan

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Wind-ripped roofing knocks 10 y.o. into coma in Taldykorgan

A strong wind blew off parts of roofing from a school building in Taldykorgan and threw them at a 10-y.o. boy leaving several deep cuts in his belly. He had a 3-hour-long surgery and is now in a coma.

The boy's parents blame the PE teacher for their son's injury. “He saw that a strong wind arose, but continued the lesson outdoors,” the boy's mother said.

The school's director is protective of the teacher. She insists that he was taking the kids back to the building when the wind started and that the accident happend on the way back into the school. “It was just an accident”, Director of Lyceum-School No.5 Ainash Seraliyeva said, adding that the school should not be blamed for it.

According to the emergency department the wind speed reached 22 m/s in Kazakhstan’s south that day, on April 8. Over 3 thousand square meters of roofing was ripped off and destroyed by the wind in the area and over 100 houses were cut off from electricity.

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