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Talgar river mudflood damages houses, cars and roads

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Talgar river mudflood damages houses, cars and roads

A river near Almaty got out of control on July 17 at 1 p.m. The water was speeding downhill at 40 cubic meters per second rolling stones and flooding and damaging cars and buildings along its way. The Talgar River is a small mountain river fed by glaciers. Its normal average flow rate is 10.6 cubic meters per second. There are no villages along the river, only several small households. A total of 300 thousand cubic meters of water, mud and stones flowed downhill, but was arrested by the mudflow storage reservoir located down the river limiting the scope of the damage.

The aftermath of the mudflow is now being remedied, but the police is still not letting anyone through the cordon, even the local residents. Children from nearby summer camps are being evacuated.

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