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Croatiаn woman accidentally repeats James Bond stunt

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Croatiаn woman accidentally repeats James Bond stunt

In Croatia a woman has made a James Bond-style stunt by driving over a moveable bridge. 47-year old Maria Skracic together with her daughter was in a hurry to a café and did not notice the bridge was bing raised. Her yellow Peugeot overcame the hurdle and flying almost two meters safely landed on the other side and continued moving as if nothing happened. Just as Agent 007 would do it.
However, it were not only tourists who witnessed the accidental trick. The police saw it too. They fined the woman $40 for reckless driving and ordered recovering all airbags.
A similar trick was performed by Roger Moore’s James Bond in the movie The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974.

The video was provided by user Valentin Belenkevich

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