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Photo courtesy of ©LifeNews Investigators probe deadly Russian plane crash in Egypt International investigators have begun probing why a Russian airliner carrying 224 people crashed in a mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing everyone on board in one of the deadliest Airbus incidents of the past decade.
01 ноября 2015
Turar Kazangapov © Kazakhstan isn’t going to mass-produce cosmonauts: head of KazKosmos National Space Agency However, plans are afoot to keep on training prospective astronauts, including female astronauts.
28 октября 2015
Putin, Saudi King seek solution to Syria crisis Russian President Vladimir Putin held phone talks with King Salman of Saudi Arabia focussed on seeking a solution to the Syria crisis, the Kremlin said.
27 октября 2015
'Eradicating terror' will produce political deal: Syria's Assad Syria needs to eradicate "terrorism" to find a political solution to end the country's war, embattled President Bashar al-Assad told a visiting Russian delegation.
26 октября 2015
Energy Minister Alexander Novak. ©RIA  Novosti Russia to open $5 bn Iran credit line: Tehran Russia plans to open a $5 billion credit line for Iran to help finance infrastructure projects in the country, officials from both countries said during a visit by Moscow's energy minister.
23 октября 2015
Putin accuses West of playing 'double game' with Syria terrorist groups President Vladimir Putin accused the West of playing a "double game" with terrorist groups in Syria, where a US-led coalition is conducting a bombing campaign.
23 октября 2015
Australian FM emoji use sparks debate on Russia relations The Australian foreign minister's use of a red-faced emoji to depict Russia's Vladimir Putin sparked debate among lawmakers in Canberra, demanding to know what the icon means for relations between the nations.
22 октября 2015
Georgia breakaway region eyes Crimea-style vote on joining Russia Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia has said it plans to hold a referendum on joining Russia but the Kremlin appeared to pour cold water on the idea.
21 октября 2015
NATO warns Russian action in Syria risks "an incident" NATO voiced concern that Russia's air attacks in Syria creates the risk of "an incident getting out of control," as Moscow and the US-led international coalition pursue different military objectives in the country.
21 октября 2015
Stalin portraits and Soviet nostalgia rule in Ukraine's rebel regions Three portraits of former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin are on display in the centre of Donetsk, the rebel capital of eastern Ukraineю
19 октября 2015
©REUTERS Kazakhstan's experts comment on Russian air strikes in Syria Kazakhstan’s experts have commented on the air strikes made by Russian forces on Wednesday targeting the militants of the so-called Islamic State.
17 октября 2015
Russian intervention won't save Syria's Assad: France's Hollande Russia's military intervention in Syria will not save President Bashar al-Assad, French President Francois Hollande said Friday after an EU summit called for a political transition to a new leader.
16 октября 2015
'Glimmer of hope' for political solution in Ukraine: Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there was a "glimmer of hope" that Ukraine could finally head towards a political solution to ending the separatist war in the country's east.
15 октября 2015
US and Russian military talks Wednesday: Carter Military commanders from Russia and the United States will hold another round of talks on how to stay out of each other's way in the skies over Syria.
14 октября 2015
Putin asks IMF to help Ukraine pay off $3 billion debt to Russia President Vladimir Putin called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to lend an additional $3 billion to Ukraine to help the ex-Soviet country pay off its debt to Russia.
14 октября 2015
Vladimir Putin. ©RIA Novosti Putin to visit Kazakhstan in mid-October Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to Kazakhstan in mid-October.
13 октября 2015
Alexey Lutsenko wins Tour of Almaty Astana's Alexey Lutsenko wins Tour of Almaty Kazakhstani cycler Alexey Lutsenko of Astana Pro Team has won the Tour of Almaty for the second time.
13 октября 2015
Russian delegation led by Vladimir Putin to arrive in Astana President of Russia Vladimir Putin is arriving to Kazakhstan with an official visit on October 15.
13 октября 2015
Ukraine PM blames MH17 downing on Russian security service Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk blamed Russia's security service for last year's downing of the MH17 airliner over pro-Kremlin separatist territory in the east of the ex-Soviet state.
13 октября 2015
Mukhtar Ablyazov © France agrees to extradite Kazakh tycoon to Russia The French government has given the green light for the extradition of Kazakh tycoon and opposition figure Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia, where he is accused of embezzling billions of dollars.
13 октября 2015

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