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Journalist Anderson Cooper. ©REUTERS/Danny Moloshok CNN hits back in row over using slain US envoy's diary CNN on Monday hit back at accusations by a top US State Department official that it had engaged in "distasteful" reporting by using the contents of a diary belonging to slain US ambassador to Libya.
25 сентября 2012
Libya militia crackdown spreads to Tripoli A Libyan crackdown on lawless militias spread to the capital on Sunday after armed groups that have not been integrated into state institutions were ordered to disband and evacuate their bases.
24 сентября 2012
Attack on US mission in Libya big intelligence loss: report The attack that killed the US ambassador to Libya dealt a huge blow to US intelligence operations because CIA agents and contractors were among the Americans evacuated afterward.
24 сентября 2012
White House brands Benghazi attack terrorism The White House for the first time Thursday described the assault on the US consulate in Benghazi, which killed four Americans, as a "terrorist attack" that could have links to Al-Qaeda.
22 сентября 2012
Benghazi attack 'terrorist' but likely opportunistic: US Last week's deadly assault on a US diplomatic mission in the Libyan city of Benghazi was a "terrorist attack" but probably not a pre-planned operation.
20 сентября 2012
Clinton denies any advance warning of Libya attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied that Washington was warned of an imminent attack in Libya, stressing the United States would not rest until those behind the killings of four Americans are brought to justice.
20 сентября 2012
Libya says 50 held over US ambassador's killing Libya's parliament chief announced on Sunday the arrests of some 50 people over the killing of US ambassador Chris Stevens in an attack he said was planned, although Washington said it was spontaneous.
18 сентября 2012
Romney: Middle East needs US leadership Mitt Romney paid tribute Thursday to four American diplomats killed in Libya, insisting that US power was vital in the Middle East, but he halted his criticism of President Barack Obama's handling of the crisis.
16 сентября 2012
Violence explodes as Muslims protest anti-Islam film Furious protesters targeted symbols of US influence in cities across the Muslim world on Friday, attacking embassies, schools and restaurants in retaliation for a film that mocks Islam.
16 сентября 2012
Romney hit from all sides for Egypt attack remarks Republicans and Democrats alike came down hard on Mitt Romney Wednesday for an act of political opportunism when the White House hopeful said the Obama administration "sympathized" with attackers in Egypt.
15 сентября 2012
Canada condemns deadly attack on US mission in Libya Canada on Wednesday strongly condemned an attack in Libya that claimed the lives of a US ambassador and three other Americans.
14 сентября 2012
US says Libya attack was Islamist militant plot The United States suspects a deadly attack on a US consulate in Libya was a well-planned assault by militants instead of a rampaging mob.
13 сентября 2012
<i>Innocence of Muslims</i>. Photo courtesy of Mystery over filmmakers behind anti-Islam movie Mystery remained Wednesday over exactly who was behind the anti-Islam film which sparked deadly protests in the Middle East, amid conflicting claims of Jewish or Coptic Christian involvement.
13 сентября 2012
One dead as Islamists storm US missions in Libya, Egypt An armed mob protesting a film deemed offensive to Islam attacked the US consulate in Benghazi Tuesday killing a US official, hours after angry Islamists stormed Washington's embassy in Cairo.
12 сентября 2012
Libya to question extradited Kadhafi spy chief Libya was Thursday set to question Moamer Kadhafi's former spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi following his extradition from Mauritania as the US and rights groups urged that he receive a fair trial.
07 сентября 2012
Libyan interim Interior Minister Fawzi Abdelali. ©REUTERS/Ismail Zetouni Libya's under-fire interior minister quits Interior Minister Fawzi Abdelali resigned on Sunday after coming under fire for the performance of security forces during a surge of violence that has rocked Libya, an official from his office told AFP.
28 августа 2012
Over 100 tanks seized from pro-Kadhafi militia: ministry More than 100 tanks were seized from a militia loyal to Libya's ousted leader Moamer Kadhafi as authorities hunted the perpetrators of a double car bombing.
25 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Libya council hands power to new assembly Libya's National Transitional Council on Wednesday handed power to a new assembly, in a symbolic move marking a peaceful transition following the overthrow of Moamer Kadhafi's 40-year dictatorship.
09 августа 2012
Nouri al-Alabbar, Chairman of the Electoral Commission National Congress. ©REUTERS/Ismail Zetouni Libya's interim rulers to hand over power Libya's interim authorities said they will hand over power to a newly elected congress on Wednesday, less than a year after its fighters overthrew the regime of Moamer Kadhafi.
06 августа 2012
©REUTERS/Mohamed Al-Sayaghi Libya's abandoned weapons put civilians at risk: report Abandoned weapons that were once part of toppled dictator Moamer Kadhafi's arsenal pose an ongoing and serious threat to civilians in Libya.
03 августа 2012

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