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26.06.2013 14:32 Politics
Kazakhstan Ambassador to Georgia believes it “very important” to develop the transport corridor of the South Caucasus that “has a huge potential”.
13.05.2013 19:57 Politics
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Georgia Yermukhamet Yertysbayev has presented his credentials to Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.
04.04.2013 15:30 Politics
Kazakhstan President has appointed his top political advisor to the much more minor role of ambassador to Georgia, in the latest enigmatic change at the top of the energy-rich Central Asian state.
04.04.2013 13:52 Politics
Kazakhstan President's advisor Yermukhamet Yertysbayev has been appointed ambassador of Kazakhstan to Georgia.
12.11.2012 19:29 Politics
Kazakhstan President’s advisor Yermukhamet Yertysbayev has taken up the post of Public Relations Director of Kazakhstan Football Federation.
15.10.2012 17:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan President’s Advisor Yermikhamet Yertysbayev shared his opinion on establishment of an anti-terrorist commission in Kazakhstan.
24.09.2012 18:51 Politics
Kazakhstan President’s Adviser commented appointment of Karim Massimov head of President's Administration.
20.09.2012 14:38 Politics
How can we talk about a Eurasian Parliament, if we have not fully settled the work of the Customs Union yet: Kazakhstan President's Advisor.
17.08.2012 15:10 Politics
It is wrong to speak of an Islamic renaissance in Kazakhstan: President's Advisor Yertysbayev. Speaking of Kazakhstan opposition he said: Weak opponents are of no interest as negotiators.
12.07.2012 17:45 Sport
Climate and malnutrition initially create unequal conditions for training for Kazakhstan football players compared to their European counterparts: President's Advisor.
17.06.2012 14:46 Politics
The fact that America is taking steps in this direction is very important for Kazakhstan: President's Advisor Yertysbayev.
04.04.2012 17:41 Politics
Kazakhstan is an open society, the most westernized society among all the national of the Asian continent ... there is no cult: Yertysbayev
12.01.2012 14:27 Politics
I have been saying this for a long time that there is a real information-ideological war waged against the President and the country in general: Yertysbayev.
18.12.2011 19:50 Politics
Paul Murphy should remember that very similar events happened more than 20 years ago in Britain: Yertysbayev.