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14.09.2016 18:16 Military
Sweden's Baltic Sea island of Gotland is once again home to a permanent military presence.
20.11.2015 18:44 Politics
Sweden has been naive about the risk of an attack on its soil and plans to beef up security measures, including surveillance of encrypted communications.
17.11.2015 12:50 Politics
Israel criticised "appallingly impudent" remarks by Sweden's foreign minister for drawing a parallel between the Paris attacks and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
27.08.2015 13:40 Art, Books
The eagerly-awaited sequel to Stieg Larsson's best-selling Millennium crime trilogy hit store shelves in 25 countries.
12.08.2015 11:54 Crime
The Ikea branch in central Sweden where two shoppers were fatally stabbed -- reportedly with knives taken from the shelves -- will temporarily stop knife sales.
18.06.2015 10:01 People
Sweden's newest royal, born earlier this week to Princess Madeleine and sixth in line to the throne, will be named Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf.
04.06.2015 15:02 Companies
Swedish furniture giant IKEA announced that it would expand its online sales service to include home deliveries in all countries where it has stores.
25.05.2015 12:38 Entertainment, Style
Swedish pop lovers celebrated their country's sixth Eurovision victory with an outpouring of national pride, welcoming heartthrob winner Mans Zelmerlow home.
28.04.2015 12:19 Health
Women who are obese while pregnant may put their offspring at risk of childhood diabetes, a condition that requires lifelong insulin therapy.
18.04.2015 10:56 Finance
Sweden will raise defence spending by 10.2 billion kronor for the period 2016 to 2020, the government said amid concerns over Russia's military resurgence.
17.02.2015 13:22 Crime
A Swedish cartoonist believed to have been targeted in one of the Copenhagen shootings at the weekend has been sent into hiding.
31.01.2015 01:16 Sport
On February 14 and 15, Almaty’s Medeu ice skating rink will host a stage of the Speedway world championship.
15.01.2015 12:49 Companies
The Swedish furniture company Ikea has recalled 169,000 crib mattresses after reports that two children became trapped.
16.12.2014 13:54 Markets
Global furniture giant Ikea opens its first store in South Korea, a much-anticipated market entry that has stumbled at a number of commercial and cultural hurdles along the way.
29.10.2014 17:07 Health
A study in The BMJ medical journal said Swedes with a high intake of cow's milk died younger -- and women suffered more fractures.
29.10.2014 09:55 People
Girl's rights champion Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate in history, won the World's Children's Prize.
23.10.2014 11:56 Crime
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he was "confident" his asylum status will be resolved, as he awaits an imminent ruling on his case by a Swedish court.
20.10.2014 11:32 Military
Mystery deepened over a Swedish military operation triggered by "foreign underwater activity" off the coast of Stockholm.
14.10.2014 10:54 Finance
Sweden's new Social Democrat-led government lowered the growth forecast, blaming sweeping tax breaks by the outgoing conservative coalition for a "large hole".
11.10.2014 15:48 Science, Technologies
The winner of the Nobel economics prize is notoriously hard to predict, but it's usually an American male opposed to big government and big spending.
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