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24.09.2014 15:11 Companies
Starbucks is to take full ownership of its Japanese operations at a cost of more than $900 million.
21.08.2014 12:07 Internet
Uber teamed up with smartphone applications as the controversial Internet-age car-hailing service moved to park itself in mobile lifestyles.
25.07.2014 10:04 Companies
The US food supplier at the centre of an expired meat scandal in China has apologised, as KFC and Pizza Hut's parent company said it would stop using the firm's products in the key Chinese market.
29.05.2014 00:49 Companies
The owners of the 7-Eleven chain in Australia have taken control of coffee giant Starbucks' struggling local operations in a bid to turn around its fortunes, the company said.
11.02.2014 14:35 Companies
US health officials closed down a spoof Starbucks coffee shop shortly after a TV comic revealed himself as the man behind the stunt, which drew media attention and plenty of customers.
27.01.2013 17:38 Companies
Starbucks has threatened to suspend millions of pounds of investment in Britain over what it sees as unfair targeting by Prime Minister David Cameron over its tax affairs.
03.01.2013 17:21 Companies
Starbucks said Thursday it would open its first store next month in Vietnam, seeking a foothold in the coffee-loving country as part of efforts to expand in Asia.
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