South Sudan

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05.11.2015 11:44 Disasters
At least 36 people were killed when a Soviet-era Antonov plane crashed just after take-off from South Sudan's capital Juba.
17.07.2014 01:03 Unrest
Worsening conflict in Darfur and an influx of people fleeing war in South Sudan helped push to almost seven million the number needing aid in Sudan, the UN said.
13.06.2014 11:41 Religion
US Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Sudan on Thursday for sentencing a Christian woman to hang for apostasy, urging Khartoum to repeal its laws banning Muslims from converting.
10.05.2014 12:25 Finance
The tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru has officially lodged an application for entry to the International Monetary Fund, the global financial body said.
06.05.2014 14:58 Politics
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon flew into South Sudan Tuesday to demand an end to a brutal four-month-old civil war that has sparked dire warnings of genocide and famine.
30.04.2014 10:54 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry left late Tuesday on his first major tour of Africa focused on some of the continent's most brutal wars including the bloodshed in South Sudan.
19.04.2014 17:05 Unrest
The United Nations Security Council expressed "outrage" Friday and demanded the South Sudan government prevent attacks on its bases and civilians in the war-torn country after dozens of people were killed.
13.04.2014 12:25 Unrest
Conflict in South Sudan has triggered a serious risk of famine that will kill up to 50,000 children within months if immediate action is not taken, the UN warned.
31.03.2014 18:02 Unrest
War-torn South Sudan is in a "spiralling humanitarian crisis", the UN warned Monday, as top aid chiefs visited the young nation, where more than a million people have fled months of conflict.
30.01.2014 17:03 Unrest
Conflict in Central African Republic and South Sudan dominated the agenda as Africa's leaders gathered Thursday for a two-day summit of the continental bloc in Ethiopia.
30.01.2014 12:31 Unrest
South Sudan released seven rebel detainees Thursday but vowed to put on trial key leaders accused of launching weeks of fighting, a move likely to threaten a fragile ceasefire.
08.01.2014 16:33 Unrest
South Sudan's government said it was poised to recapture a key town from rebel forces, as peace talks being held in neighbouring Ethiopia appeared to be making slow progress.
05.01.2014 16:37 Unrest
South Sudan's warring parties were set to begin direct talks Saturday in a bid to end the conflict pushing the world's youngest nation towards civil war as fighting intensified for control of a key oil town.
30.12.2013 16:41 Unrest
Rebels in violence-wracked South Sudan sought to take back control Monday of a key town they were forced from last week, the army said, vowing to defeat the militia.
28.12.2013 11:37 Unrest
The first UN peacekeeping reinforcements arrived Friday in South Sudan, where the government is said to have agreed an immediate ceasefire after nearly two weeks of heavy fighting with rebels.
27.12.2013 16:06 Unrest
The Red Cross said Thursday it had recovered some 40 bodies on the streets of Bangui as the United States expressed alarm at the latest eruption of fighting in the Central African Republic.
26.12.2013 12:41 Markets
Crude edged higher in Asian trade Thursday on supply concerns following escalating violence in oil-producer South Sudan, but gains were capped as dealers sat on the sidelines awaiting fresh leads after the festive season.
25.12.2013 16:56 Unrest
Thousands of South Sudanese have been killed in over a week of violence with reports of bodies piled in mass graves, the UN said Tuesday, as the Security Council agreed to nearly double its peacekeepers in the young nation threatening to slide into civil war.
12.06.2013 10:00 Politics
The United States said Monday an order by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to shut down an oil pipeline carrying South Sudanese crude was "deeply disappointing".
11.06.2013 10:56 Politics
Sudan on Sunday put on hold nine security and economic pacts with South Sudan, including on vital oil shipments, but said Khartoum remained committed to good relations if Juba ended support for rebels.
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