South Pole

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20.01.2014 15:17 People
A 16-year-old British schoolboy on Saturday became the youngest person ever to trek to the South Pole.
29.02.2012 11:28 Science, Technologies
Members of the first Kazakhstan expedition to the South Pole said that Kazakhstan's own polar station may appear in the Antarctic.
14.12.2011 15:39 Sport
Kazakhstan moto-expedition reached the South Pole for the first time.
29.09.2011 16:21 Science, Technologies
A record for the Guinness Book of Record was set by participants of the test-drive during preparation for the 1st Kazkahstan moto-expedition to the South Pole.
08.06.2011 10:04 Kazakhstan
The first Kazakhstan expedition to the South Pole will start in November 2011.