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04.09.2015 19:57 Military
Captain Temirlan Mussapirov of Kazbrig, the first Kazakh to arrive to Cote d'Ivoire as a military observer returned home.
11.04.2015 12:51 Politics
UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for a new push to resolve the conflict over Western Sahara and stressed that cooperation to address human rights could help find a settlement.
17.11.2014 13:00 Unrest
Several thousand people demonstrated in Madrid iin support of independence for the disputed territory of Western Sahara.
31.10.2014 11:17 Military
Kazakhstani peacekeeprs talked about their daily routine in Western Sahara.
05.07.2013 16:03 Politics
An outburst of hostile rhetoric between Morocco and Algeria reflects a historic animosity rooted in irreconcilable differences over Western Sahara.
18.06.2013 12:16 Health
This month somewhere in sub-Saharan Africa the one millionth baby will be born without HIV to a mother who suffers from the disease, thanks in large part to a decade-old US aid program.
09.04.2013 16:55 Unrest
UN leader Ban Ki-Moon called Monday for urgent international efforts to end the Western Sahara conflict because of fears the Mali war will spill over into the Moroccan-occupied territory.
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