Prisoner X

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06.03.2013 16:40 Politics
Australia on Wednesday admitted for the first time that a man found hanged in a Tel Aviv jail worked for the Israeli government.
18.02.2013 17:46 Politics
Exposure of intelligence activities can "badly damage" state security, Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday in his first remarks on the arrest and death of a jailed Australian-Israeli with Mossad links.
15.02.2013 11:53 Politics
Mossad went into crisis mode when it heard the "Prisoner X" story was about to break, the Australian reporter responsible said Friday, amid claims the jailed man had been set to reveal sensitive operations.
15.02.2013 10:23 Crime
Foreign Minister Bob Carr admitted Thursday Canberra knew an Australian had been detained by Tel Aviv in 2010 for national security offences, as media suggested he may have been held for treason.
13.02.2013 18:12 Crime
The Israeli censor on Wednesday slightly eased tight restrictions on the death of "Prisoner X", allowing the press to publish excerpts of an ABC report which said he was an Australian with ties to Mossad.