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24.04.2015 17:55 People
Punters are placing all manner of wacky bets on Britain's royal baby, chancing their cash on everything.
26.02.2015 15:50 Politics
Prince William was due to arrive in Japan for his first visit to a country that adores the British Royal family and was smitten with his late mother, Diana.
06.12.2014 11:18 Politics
Prince William will hold Oval Office talks with President Barack Obama at the White House, during his first visit to the US capital.
17.11.2014 21:15 Environment
Prince William teamed up with the makers of Angry Birds to release a new game that will highlight the dangers of illegal poaching for animal species.
22.09.2014 12:08 People
Prince William revealed his competitive side, challenging youngsters in Malta to a game of table football and a quick round on the Play Station.
09.09.2014 14:35 People
Britain's Prince William said Monday he was "thrilled" that his wife Kate is pregnant with their second child.
21.07.2014 14:38 Strange News
Britain's Prince George celebrates his first birthday on Tuesday, capping a year in which the globetrotting infant became the trend-setting face of the modern royal family.
28.05.2014 12:03 People
One of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers on Wednesday published a picture showing the bare bottom of Prince William's wife Kate, refusing to follow a "ridiculous" ban imposed by the British media.
18.04.2014 10:16 Politics
Survivors of last year's devastating Australian bushfires met with Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate on Thursday as the royal couple visited the Blue Mountains.
12.04.2014 18:07 Politics
The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo engagement Saturday on her New Zealand tour for a fact-finding visit to a children's hospice where she told the curious youngsters that even royals have to eat all their vegetables.
10.04.2014 02:05 People
Britain's baby Prince George hosted his first official function on Wednesday -- maintaining a regal calm on a play date with a group of New Zealand toddlers, even as some of his tiny guests burst into tears
06.04.2014 12:28 People
Baby Prince George was heading from Britain to New Zealand and Australia on Sunday, with parents Prince William and his wife Catherine taking the eight-month-old on his first ever tour.
01.04.2014 11:47 Politics
The impending royal visit by Prince William, his wife Kate and their baby son George provided ample fodder for April Fool's Day pranksters in New Zealand and Australia on Tuesday.
04.03.2014 10:03 Politics
New Zealand's Maori king has refused to meet Prince William during a royal tour next month.
03.03.2014 12:21 People
Prince William and his wife Catherine will take their baby son Prince George with them on their tour of Australia and New Zealand next month.
15.02.2014 10:24 Disasters
Britain's Princes William and Harry pitched in to help flood victims Friday as a new winter storm barrelled into the country, causing fresh misery after the wettest start to the year for 250 years.
01.01.2014 17:11 Education
Britain's Prince William is to become a full-time student of agricultural management for 10 weeks as he forges a life after the military, the royal family announced on Monday.
21.10.2013 15:00 People
Britain's Prince George, the son of Prince William and his wife Catherine, is to be christened on Wednesday in a private family ceremony.
02.09.2013 10:56 People
Prince William's wife Kate on Friday attended her first public event since giving birth to their son five weeks ago.
25.07.2013 15:01 People
Britain's press on Thursday gave their seal of approval to Prince William and his wife Kate's decision to name their newborn baby boy George Alexander Louis, saying it had "kingly authority".
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