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16.05.2015 15:01 Entertainment, Style
Former world boxing champion Evander Holyfield used ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a punching bag for two rounds Friday -- all in the name of good fun and charity.
17.03.2013 14:53 Politics
In his first major speech since his US presidential defeat, Mitt Romney urged fellow Republicans Friday to buck up and set course for the White House, as he sought to uplift conservatives.
07.12.2012 18:11 Finance
Republican Mitt Romney raised $85.9 million in the final weeks of the White House race, his campaign said Thursday, bringing the total spent on the presidential election to a record $2 billion.
16.11.2012 13:06 Politics
Mitt Romney, in his first remarks since an unexpectedly lopsided election loss to Barack Obama, blamed his defeat Wednesday on "gifts" showered by the president on his female, African-American and Hispanic supporters.
06.11.2012 12:46 Politics
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both confidently predicted victory Monday, as they rallied supporters in the dying hours of a bitter White House race, which the US president leads by a whisker.
06.11.2012 11:38 Entertainment, Style
He may not be The Boss, but The Kid lent his high-octane rock & roll late Monday to the final rally of Mitt Romney's 18-month campaign, on the eve of the US presidential election.
05.11.2012 17:57 Politics
As Mitt Romney's campaign bus rolled through the make-or-break state of Ohio earlier this week, the White House hopeful turned to aides in an unguarded moment to say how much he was enjoying himself.
05.11.2012 10:32 Politics
President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney remained in a virtual tie in the latest opinion polls released Sunday, just two days before the White House election.
04.11.2012 13:41 Politics
President Barack Obama and Republican foe Mitt Romney Saturday power into a final weekend of campaigning before handing their fates to voters after a bitter, gruelling White House race.
31.10.2012 17:51 Politics
US President Barack Obama no longer inspires the enthusiasm he once did but Europe still favours him.
24.10.2012 17:09 Politics
Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney said President Barack Obama's campaign was "taking on water", as the rivals barnstormed across toss-up states while seeking swing votes two weeks before election day.
22.10.2012 10:36 Politics
A new pull puts US President Barack Obama and his Republican rival, Mitt Romney dead even in their race for the White House on the eve of their final televised debate.
17.10.2012 15:03 Politics
A combative Barack Obama landed telling blows on challenger Mitt Romney Tuesday as naked dislike boiled over between the White House foes in a tense debate three weeks from election day.
16.10.2012 17:55 Politics
President Barack Obama wooed Americans not yet old enough to vote Monday in a unique children's television news special that his rival Mitt Romney opted to avoid.
15.10.2012 18:36 Politics
Top Democrats accused Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney on Sunday of "cravenly" politicizing the deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi to further his presidential ambitions.
13.10.2012 10:20 Politics
US vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan stood by his pro-life credentials Thursday but said a White House led by Mitt Romney would not try to ban rape victims from seeking abortions.
11.10.2012 11:48 Politics
Inviting supporters to taunt Barack Obama with chants of "four more weeks," rival Mitt Romney surged into the lead in US opinion polls Tuesday, his reward for beating the president in their first head-to-head debate.
10.10.2012 13:51 Politics
Buoyed by better poll numbers and a debate triumph, White House challenger Mitt Romney sought to build momentum Monday by vowing to restore strong US leadership in the Middle East.
08.10.2012 12:52 Politics
Mitt Romney will call for a US change of course in the Middle East on Monday, saying President Barack Obama's muddled strategy has failed to confront the challenges of extremism.
06.10.2012 10:01 Politics
President Barack Obama on Thursday landed the verbal blows he missed the previous night in his debate with Mitt Romney, clawing at his Republican foe to stop him gaining a boost in the polls.
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