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21.11.2015 14:00 Unrest
Special forces stormed a luxury hotel in Mali after gunmen seized guests and staff in a hostage crisis that left at least 18 people dead, a week after the jihadist rampage in Paris.
30.04.2015 10:43 Politics
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an immediate halt to fighting in Mali, where government forces are battling Tuareg rebels.
22.04.2015 14:25 People
Relatives of 116 people killed in an Air Algerie crash in July visited the scene of the disaster in remote hazardous northern Mali under tight military guard.
09.10.2014 16:41 People
Nine UN peacekeepers killed last week in Mali were buried in the Niger capital Niamey.
08.10.2014 14:18 Unrest
A peacekeeper was killed as a UN camp in northern Mali came under rocket fire in an attack said to have been carried out by a jihadist leader.
26.07.2014 11:36 Emergencies
All passengers and crew on board an Air Algerie jetliner that crashed in Mali died in the tragedy, which completely wiped out several families, France announced.
31.05.2014 12:26 Unrest
Two Malian aid workers were killed when their vehicle drove over a landmine in restive north-west Mali, officials told AFP.
16.05.2014 13:12 Emergencies
A Malian soldier was killed and 46 others were injured Thursday when their military transporter crashed, the army said.
20.02.2014 09:59 Health
Gains in fighting malaria in sub-Saharan Africa have left the highest risk for the disease concentrated in 10 countries.
21.01.2014 11:45 Unrest
Five members of the UN mission in Mali were injured Monday when their vehicle ran over a landmine planted in the northeastern rebel bastion of Kidal.
06.10.2013 17:16 Unrest
Around 30 Malian soldiers suspected of involvement in protests that left one wounded earlier this week have been arrested and turned over to paramilitary police.
30.09.2013 16:50 Unrest
The Malian army came under attack Sunday from gunmen in the northern rebel stronghold of Kidal.
21.09.2013 14:39 Politics
Leaders from across Africa and France watched the inauguration of Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in front of thousands of his supporters.
21.08.2013 11:02 Politics
US President Barack Obama on Tuesday congratulated Mali's new leader Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on his election victory and vowed to work with him as the country emerges from months of conflict.
16.08.2013 17:35 Politics
Mali announced Ibrahim Boubacar Keita as its new leader after confirming that the ex-prime minister had won a landslide victory in a presidential poll.
12.08.2013 17:10 Politics
Malians voted Sunday in a presidential election run-off expected to usher in a new dawn of peace and stability in the conflict-scarred nation, but heavy downpours hampered early turnout.
29.07.2013 16:20 Politics
Mali voted on Sunday for a new president in a bid to usher in peace and stability in the first election since a military coup helped plunge the country into chaos.
26.07.2013 18:30 Politics
Africans generally approve of France's military intervention to help drive Islamists out of northern Mali, while Middle Easterners are opposed.
07.07.2013 14:08 Politics
Campaigning for Mali's watershed July 28 presidential election officially begins on Sunday.
01.07.2013 19:08 Unrest
United Nations peacekeepers prepared to take over from African troops in Mali with a mission to ensure stability in the conflict-scarred nation just four weeks ahead of crucial elections.
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