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18.09.2015 13:49 Entertainment, Style
Two hours into a show in which transgender nuns twirled on stripper poles and hot-bodied dancers simulated most imaginable sex acts, Madonna's eyes glistened.
18.03.2015 12:27 Entertainment, Style
The mayor of Madonna's hometown has risen to the city's honor after the pop superstar said she would never want to return to such a "provincial" place
22.12.2014 10:20 Crime
Madonna and Sony Pictures both were separately torpedoed by major hacks this month, in what the pop icon called "crazy times."
27.05.2014 12:34 Politics
Pop diva Madonna has weighed in on Malawi's chaotic election, criticising embattled President Joyce Banda, who has tried to nullify the vote amid allegations of irregularities.
21.02.2014 14:10 Politics
US pop icon Madonna hit out at Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday, accusing his government of "fascism" over its handling of nationwide protests.
06.02.2014 18:32 Entertainment, Style
Feted by Madonna and cheered by thousands, Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot defied President Vladimir Putin on the eve of the Sochi Olympics at a star-studded New York concert.
05.02.2014 19:20 Politics
Russian punk protest group Pussy Riot on Tuesday took their campaign against Vladimir Putin's civil liberties crackdown to New York, where they are to tread the same stage as Madonna.
27.01.2014 17:07 Entertainment, Style
The music industry's top night turned into the big day for 34 couples on Sunday as Madonna and other stars presided over a mass wedding in a celebration of gay marriage.
09.12.2013 10:34 Cinema, Music
British pop icon Elton John escaped serious criticism in Russia on Saturday after using a sold-out Moscow concert to challenge a highly contentious law banning the "propaganda of homosexuality" to minors.
20.11.2013 12:30 Cinema, Music
Business magazine Forbes named Madonna the highest-paid musician in the world on Tuesday, estimating her earnings at $125 million in the year to June.
06.10.2013 16:48 Cinema, Music
US pop icon Madonna was raped at knifepoint when she was a young struggling artist in New York.
12.04.2013 11:33 Cinema, Music
Malawi has launched a stinging attack on US pop icon Madonna, accusing her of expecting "gratitude" and VIP treatment during a visit last week to her charity work in the southern African country.
02.04.2013 15:58 Cinema, Music
American pop queen Madonna discreetly flew into Malawi on Monday with her adopted children from the southern African nation.
08.08.2012 14:01 Cinema, Music
Elton John has reignited his public spat with Madonna, calling her a "fairground stripper" whose career is over.
02.08.2012 18:28 Cinema, Music
Madonna aired a World War II-era newsreel on the 1944 anti-Nazi Warsaw Uprising at the top of her gig in the city marking the day 68 years ago when the bloody insurrection was launched.
27.07.2012 14:53 Cinema, Music
Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, star of Roman Polanski's "The Ghost Writer" and a former James Bond incarnation, was among some 2,700 fans cheering US pop icon Madonna at her Paris concert Thursday.
16.07.2012 17:43 Cinema, Music
France's far-right National Front said Sunday it plans to sue Madonna over a video at the US pop star's concert in France showing party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.