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12.11.2014 10:21 Finance
Madagascar's economy is showing signs of recovery, although spending in key sectors like health and education remain under pressure.
05.07.2014 13:02 Finance
Madagascar's Prime Minister Roger Kolo has vowed to stamp out corruption after revealing that 40 percent of his country's budget is lost to graft.
13.04.2014 10:44 Politics
After months of post-election deadlock Madagascar's president named a new prime minister Friday, tapping the relatively unknown doctor Roger Kolo for the post.
20.12.2013 11:11 Politics
Madagascans voted Friday for a new president and parliament in run-off elections aimed at pulling the island out of the political and economic doldrums and restoring democracy.
26.10.2013 19:03 Politics
Madagascar began announcing results in dribs and drabs Saturday after its first post-coup presidential elections, with only 52 polling stations out of 20,001 reported in the morning.
26.10.2013 10:03 Politics
Poverty-wracked Madagascar began voting Friday in long-delayed presidential elections meant to restore democracy and pull the country out of the crisis it plunged into after a 2009 coup.
03.09.2013 18:35 Environment
Some of the tiniest frogs on Earth have no middle ears or eardrums but can hear by using their mouths.
25.05.2013 15:42 Politics
Madagascar leader Andry Rajoelina has vowed to withdraw his controversial candidacy for upcoming presidential polls if his rivals do the same, as mediators scramble to save a deal aimed at ending a four-year political deadlock.
26.03.2013 16:49 Environment
Scientists Tuesday made a rare live addition to the order of primates, unveiling two new species of mouse lemur -- tiny, big-eyed animals that inhabit the forests of Madagascar.
20.03.2013 10:51 Disasters
With small, silent steps, 10-year-old Borikely carefully picks her way through the tall grass of a Madagascar field in search of her dinner. She's hunting for grasshoppers, which she'll catch with a stick.
15.11.2012 11:39 Politics
Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov met with his colleague from Madagascar Pierrot Jocelyn Rajaonarivelo in Astana.