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24.04.2015 17:55 People
Punters are placing all manner of wacky bets on Britain's royal baby, chancing their cash on everything.
22.10.2014 13:26 Politics
Prince William's wife Kate made her first public appearance since her pregnancy was announced as she welcomed Singapore's President Tony Tan.
18.09.2014 15:47 People
Prince William will take the place of his wife Kate for a visit to Malta this weekend because she is suffering from acute morning sickness.
09.09.2014 14:35 People
Britain's Prince William said Monday he was "thrilled" that his wife Kate is pregnant with their second child.
21.07.2014 14:38 Strange News
Britain's Prince George celebrates his first birthday on Tuesday, capping a year in which the globetrotting infant became the trend-setting face of the modern royal family.
28.05.2014 12:03 People
One of Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspapers on Wednesday published a picture showing the bare bottom of Prince William's wife Kate, refusing to follow a "ridiculous" ban imposed by the British media.
18.04.2014 10:16 Politics
Survivors of last year's devastating Australian bushfires met with Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate on Thursday as the royal couple visited the Blue Mountains.
12.04.2014 18:07 Politics
The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo engagement Saturday on her New Zealand tour for a fact-finding visit to a children's hospice where she told the curious youngsters that even royals have to eat all their vegetables.
12.02.2014 13:17 Entertainment, Style
Prince William's wife Catherine dazzled onlookers at a dinner for London's National Portrait Gallery on Tuesday with a diamond necklace borrowed from the queen.
04.12.2013 12:36 Entertainment, Style
From the royal diadem worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding to an outsized maharaja's necklace, hundreds of glimmering treasures go on show this week in a major Paris exhibit on Cartier.
21.10.2013 15:00 People
Britain's Prince George, the son of Prince William and his wife Catherine, is to be christened on Wednesday in a private family ceremony.
02.09.2013 10:56 People
Prince William's wife Kate on Friday attended her first public event since giving birth to their son five weeks ago.
25.07.2013 15:01 People
Britain's press on Thursday gave their seal of approval to Prince William and his wife Kate's decision to name their newborn baby boy George Alexander Louis, saying it had "kingly authority".
24.07.2013 11:37 People
Britain's Prince William, his wife Kate and their newborn baby son were spending their first day at home as a family Wednesday, a day after the royal couple showed off the future monarch to the world.
23.07.2013 11:40 People
Prince William, his wife Kate and their new son spent their first night together on Monday after it was earlier announced that Britain had a new future king.
04.07.2013 14:06 People
As Prince William's wife Catherine prepares to give birth to a new heir to the throne, she faces renewed comparisons with her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, whom she never met.
02.07.2013 11:55 People
Will it be a girl called Alexandra, or a boy called Wayne? No one outside Buckingham Palace knows but it has not stopped punters from around the world betting on Britain's royal baby.
21.06.2013 10:02 People
The sex of Prince William and his wife Catherine's baby will remain a mystery until its expected arrival in mid-July, with the mother likely to opt for a natural delivery.
15.06.2013 13:11 People
An oak cradle designed to resemble a Gothic cathedral is headed from Poland to London for the July birth of the first child of Prince William and his wife Kate.
22.04.2013 12:16 People
Queen Elizabeth II marked her 87th birthday with little fanfare on Sunday, spending the day privately while Prince William's wife Catherine was showing off her baby bump.
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