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13.08.2015 17:28 Companies
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating has been fined for improper storage of 64.22 tons of liquid waste at Karachaganak field.
18.05.2015 18:07 Emergencies
Will Berezovka villagers finally be relocated to a safer place?
16.04.2015 19:35 Emergencies
Three children have faited during classes in Berezovka village just several months after a series of mass incidents of the same nature.
16.12.2014 00:29 Emergencies
Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Berdybek Saparbayev has visited Berezovka village located just several kilometers away from the major oil and gas field Karachaganak, where emissions of hydrogen sulfide took place shortly before the incident.
12.12.2014 01:34 Environment
951 Berezovka villagers have signed an appeal addressed to the President and Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan asking to be relocated away from the Karachaganak oil and gas field, citing poor ecological situation in the area and the latest series of incidents involving mass poisoning of children.
06.12.2014 12:53 Emergencies
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. denies breaching environemtal standards in recent hospitalization of children in Berezovka village, several kilometers away from Karachaganak oil and gas field in Kazakhstan.
05.12.2014 13:11 Emergencies
Prosecutor of West Kazakhstan Oblast said there were several hydrogen sulphide emissions at the large Karachaganak oil and gas field before the mass poisoning of children from nearby Berezovka village occured.
24.07.2014 13:07 Companies
Since 2002 Gazprom of Russia and KazMunaiGas National Oil Company have been cooperating within a JV KazRosGas to sell gas from Karachaganak field, send it to Russia’s Orenburg-based gas treatment facility to be further sold to consumers both in Kazakhstan and Russia.
21.02.2014 10:07 Markets
Investments injected into the oilfield have been recouped: Minister of Oil and Gas Uzakbai Karabalin.
26.12.2013 16:55 Markets
In its Development Strategy, KazMunaiGas has set an optimistic target to produce 15 million tons of oil from the Kashagan field in 2022.
24.10.2013 13:55 Emergencies
Bus driver failed to yield the right of way to a heavy truck at Karachaganak gas condensate; 18 workers were injured, four of them gravely.
18.09.2013 16:45 Markets
It’s a project that clearly proves that substantial investments into Kazakhstan-based oilfields can and have been recouped: Oil and Gas Minister.
29.04.2013 14:19 Markets
The measure enables to extract another 100 million tons of crude for the whole period of the project (…) it is quite a sizeable figure: KazMunaiGas National Oil Company’s Chairman of the Board Lyazzat Kiinov.
27.02.2013 20:19 Companies
Kazakhstan-Russian KazRosGas supplied 4.4 billion cubic meters of commercial gas from Karachaganak field to Kazakhstan in 2012.
12.02.2013 20:02 Finance
Kazakhstan plans to invest $3.7 billion into the gas processing plant in Karachaganak field developed by the BG Group operated consortium.
28.01.2013 20:44 Industry, Infrastructure
According to the PM, these oilfields’ share in the overall hydrocarbons production output will make up over ½.
29.10.2012 15:17 Companies
Deputy Akim of West-Kazakhstan oblast met with Director General of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.
03.10.2012 11:57 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev met with Eni's CEO Paolo Scaroni.
03.10.2012 09:06 Markets
Speaking at the 7th Eurasian forum KAZENERGY, Sauat Mynbayev noted that Kashagan is expected to bring profits in 2013.
28.06.2012 19:39 Companies
As a result of the deal the ownership structure looks as follows: BG Group holds 29.25%, Eni 29.25%, Chevron 18%, LUKOIL 13.5%, with the Kazakhstan Government holding the other 10%.
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