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21.07.2014 10:02 Health
US regulators on Friday warned against ingesting pure powdered caffeine, which is being sold in bulk over the Internet and is known to have killed at least one teenager.
09.07.2014 13:46 Health
Federal investigators are probing how vials of smallpox made their way into a storage room at a Food and Drug Administration lab near the US capital, health authorities said.
18.06.2014 11:56 Strange News
US authorities have yet to determine what exactly caused the deaths of more than 1,000 dogs that consumed jerky pet treats made in China, a Congressional panel heard.
26.11.2013 12:45 Health
US authorities on Monday lifted restrictions on the prescription of diabetes drug Avandia after a new study indicated it did not carry an elevated risk of heart attacks.
25.10.2013 16:50 Health
The US Food and Drug Administration recommended tighter controls Thursday on how doctors prescribe the most commonly used narcotic painkillers, in a bid to stop abuse.
31.07.2013 13:21 Companies
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has pleaded guilty to misbranding a drug that prevents the rejection of organ transplants and agreed to pay $490.9 million.
25.07.2013 12:20 Health
US regulators on Tuesday released a review of scientific data that shows menthol cigarettes are harder to quit than regular kinds, and asked for public input on a possible ban.
11.06.2013 18:49 Health
The Obama administration said Monday it would comply with a judge's order to allow women and girls of any age to purchase emergency contraception, ending its efforts to restrict the drug's availability.
07.06.2013 15:59 Health
Independent experts urged US regulators Thursday to reduce restrictions on GlaxoSmithKline's controversial diabetes drug Avandia, banned in Europe over heart attack risk concerns.
23.05.2013 16:35 Health
An independent panel of experts on Wednesday recommended US approval of a new Merck sleeping pill called suvorexant, but expressed concerns over the highest dosage and risks of drowsy daytime driving.
02.05.2013 15:52 Laws, Initiatives
The US Department of Justice appealed Wednesday a federal judge's ruling ordering regulators to provide emergency contraception to women and girls of all ages.
15.02.2013 12:25 Health
US regulators approved a so-called bionic eye on Thursday, giving hope to people with a rare genetic disease.
25.10.2012 10:22 Crime
The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths and a heart attack for possible links to consumption of Monster Energy drinks, an agency spokeswoman.
17.10.2012 17:20 Health
Criminal investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration searched a Massachusetts pharmacy Tuesday which made tainted drugs tied to a meningitis outbreak that has killed 15 people.
28.08.2012 12:15 Health
A new pill to treat HIV infection -- combining two previously approved drugs plus two new ones -- has been approved for adults living with the virus that causes AIDS, US regulators said Monday.
18.07.2012 12:12 Health
The first-ever daily pill to help prevent HIV infection was approved Monday by US regulators for use by healthy adults who are at risk for getting the virus that causes AIDS.