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25.09.2015 14:34 Politics
Vladimir Putin called pop star Elton John and suggested a meeting, after the British singer was tricked last week by a prankster impersonating the Russian leader.
18.09.2015 15:15 Politics
Singing superstar Elton John said he still wanted to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin about gay rights after he was duped by an imposter.
19.12.2014 11:07 Entertainment, Style
The pop icon Elton John will wed his partner of more than 20 years this weekend in England, reports said.
25.10.2014 10:53 Health
Rock star Elton John teamed up with the Obama administration to launch a new $7 million fund to provide access to HIV services in South Africa.
31.03.2014 10:04 Cinema, Music
Pop icon Elton John says he will tie the knot with partner David Furnish now that his native Britain has legalized gay marriage.
09.12.2013 10:34 Cinema, Music
British pop icon Elton John escaped serious criticism in Russia on Saturday after using a sold-out Moscow concert to challenge a highly contentious law banning the "propaganda of homosexuality" to minors.
11.06.2013 10:04 Laws, Initiatives
Former Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski on Sunday called for drug decriminalisation at the opening of a global conference to curb the spread of HIV, with backing from the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
06.06.2013 13:12 Cinema, Music
Rock icon Elton John has urged compassion for people who inject drugs, saying "stigma and criminalisation" robbed them of their humanity and exposed them to a life of addiction and disease.
29.11.2012 13:19 Entertainment, Style
A top Chinese daily on Wednesday condemned pop star Elton John for dedicating his Beijing show to dissident artist Ai Weiwei, saying it was disrespectful and could lead to bans on other Western performers.
22.08.2012 10:27 People
Elton John believes his son Zachary's childhood is going to be "very difficult", battling homophobia and the impact of his father's fame, the pop icon said in an interview published Tuesday.
08.08.2012 14:01 Cinema, Music
Elton John has reignited his public spat with Madonna, calling her a "fairground stripper" whose career is over.