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06.07.2015 14:21 Politics
Australia moved closer to recognising Aboriginal people in its constitution after talks with indigenous leaders.
12.02.2014 17:24 Politics
PM Tony Abbott admitted Australia has failed to meet important targets on Aboriginal life expectancy, education and employment, but insisted progress has been made in other areas.
29.11.2013 16:13 People
A Japanese court has ordered public broadcaster NHK to pay $10,000 in damages to an indigenous Taiwanese woman for defaming her by using the term "human zoo" in a programme, officials said Friday.
10.08.2013 18:20 People
Australian conservative leader Tony Abbott pledged Saturday to spend one week every year in a remote indigenous community if elected, saying he wanted to be the "prime minister for Aboriginal affairs".
02.08.2013 17:05 Companies
An Australian mining firm was convicted Friday of desecrating a sacred outback Aboriginal site in a landmark ruling protecting the beliefs of the beleaguered minority in the country.
07.06.2013 14:28 Art, Books
Australia has been challenged to match France's promotion of Aboriginal art after the inauguration of a landmark work in Paris.
14.05.2013 15:36 Politics
Politicians in northern Australia said Tuesday they were considering putting neglected Aboriginal children up for adoption, sparking fears of a new "stolen generation".
14.03.2013 16:05 Politics
The first Aboriginal to head a government in Australia took office on Thursday as chief minister of the Northern Territory, after staging a backroom coup.
09.08.2012 13:36 Internet
Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has hit out at Facebook over its failure to immediately take down a page that stereotyped Aboriginal people as hopeless petrol-sniffing drunks.
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