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30.09.2015 16:38 People
Legendary Kazakhstani climber Anatoli Boukreev is one of the characters in the Hollywood movie Everest about the tragedy happened in 1996 during the ascent of Everest.
27.04.2015 06:59 Cinema, Music
In September, Italian stage director Giancarlo del Monaco will be presenting a new version of the famous Kazakh opera Abay written by Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Khamidi at Astana Opera.
16.04.2013 17:11 Cinema, Music
Abai composition written by famous British composer Karl Jenkins has been recorded in London.
29.06.2012 12:20 Politics
Book of poems, written by a great Kazakh poet Abay Qunanbayuli has sold out completely in Moscow.