Sexual row unfolds over Almaty Central Mosque

27 августа 2013, 17:51
Zhanar Boranbayeva. Snapshot of the video of Channel 31
Zhanar Boranbayeva. Snapshot of the video of Channel 31
One of the students of the Madrasah for Women -- an Islamic school -- located in the basement of Almaty city’s Central Mosque has complained that the school’s students are forced to become wives of the imams (heads of the Muslim community) who later divorce them, Channel 31 reports.

Zhanar Boranbayeva from Almaty was shocked with what she had to face in 3 years of studies in the school.

“Imams tell us that women are slaves and have to obey men in everything. They follow their own laws. Imams may have several wives, they say. If they get tired of one of their wives they just find a cause to divorce her, tell her she committed some sin and then just leave. Then another imam comes to allegedly to help the girl through the hard time of her life and the story happens again. 17 or 18-y.o. girls are like free prostitutes. Imams invite those they like to saunas and hotels,” the young woman said.

“Once I was told that I had a djinn inside me and it had to be exorcised. One of the imams started choking me on the neck. I got scared and ran away. Later I told him: “What you are doing is wrong”. After that he started threatening me,” she said.

The Central Mosque denies all the accusations. “We register everyone who comes to take our Islamic course. They bring a copy of their ID to get enrolled for the free course. I talked to the teachers and they told me that we never had a student named Zhanar Boranbayeva. She just came to the mosque to do her prayers,” naib-imam of the Central Mosque Oralkhan Rakhmetbek-uly said.

Zhanar showed photos of teachers and students of the Mosque’s spiritual school with herself among them to prove that she indeed studied in the school.

According to Channel 31, a similar story was told 2 years ago by a young woman named Aisha. However, she was talking about private Islamic schools not about the Central Mosque of Almaty.

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