'Mowgli' caught on camera in Kazakhstan

13 сентября 2014, 12:42
Screenshots of the video.
Screenshots of the video.

This video was posted on the Internet under the name "Mowgli in Atyrau". Atyrau is a city located in Western Kazakhstan.

The video clearly shows how a boy on all fours runs for an apple thrown to him by the authors of the video. He picks up the fruit with his teeth, not hands.

His motions are very smooth and resemble those observed in the wild, but he wears underpants and has a hear cut.

The boy is accompanied by a big dog.

There is no detailed information about the boy, but many assume that he was raised by dogs. According to local residents the site in the video is Bereke village near Atyrau.

Local policemen are checking the authenticity of the video and searching for the boy. 


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