How do fake legs address Almaty's pothole problem?

16 июля 2014, 18:47

Almaty activists have invented an unusual way to draw attention of the authorities to the problem of potholes in the city, Tengrinews reports.

Namely, fake legs are now sticking out of the ground in several places in Almaty to give an impression that a real person fell into the pothole. Representative of Guerrilla creative agency who came up with the idea said: “We approached this issue with irony. We decided not go the traditional way of shouting out our concerns. We simply pointed out the problem and showed that it must be addressed."

He also added that the project has its practical benefits: with those legs in place, the potholes can be seen from afar, making it easier for drivers to avoid them.

Besides, turning this idea into reality was very inexpensive. The fake legs are made of paper and tape. This makes them soft, preventing injuries to people on the streets. To make the “legs” more visible, their creators used bright socks. The legs were installed in ten spots throughout Almaty.

"People actually notice them. Many got back to us in social networks and thanked us for going forward with it. The project may be able to address the problem for some time," another author of the project said.

This is not the first project of the activists. Previously, they drew public attention to the problem of urban waste. They painted targets around trash bins in Almaty city, so that people “aim” better when they throw garbage.

By Dinara Urazova

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