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Ways Kazakhstan men propose 19 июля 2012, 13:33

Some of them choose to go to Paris or into the sky to confess their love or propose.
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©REUTERS/Amir Cohen ©REUTERS/Amir Cohen
Tengrinews.kz journalists have researched the unusual ways Kazakhstan men propose and the unusual things they are ready do for their beloved ones. Some of them choose to go to Paris of into the ski to confess their love or propose. Some Kazakhstan men prefer to open their feelings on an air balloon. About ten men a year use an aerostat to propose to their lovers. “The flight is normally scheduled for morning or evening. There are cases that women confess their love. By the way, men are more scared of heights than women,” one of Almaty companies specializing in organization of aerostat flights told Tengrinews.kz. The flight lasts several hours and the lovers can go as high as 400 meters above the ground. One hour in the sky costs 60 thousand tenge ($400). “Be with me and with football!” some Kazakhstan men ask in their proposals. Such original confessions have been made with works formed from balloons. According to a company specializing in decoration of events, they get such unusual orders from around 30 clients per month. The options are different: the balloons are put on the grass for the lover to see them from above or used to decorate her building with “I love you!” sign. One 1-meter letter costs 3,500 tenge ($24). Tourist agencies offer romance lovers to confess their feelings in Paris. “Our clients are offered a plane there that will take them into the sky. The addressee of the confession does not suspect anything untill the last moment. In the middle of the flight another plane appears next to the one with the lovers. It slowly descends and the addressee can see a sign with the proposal on its wings,” Director of one of Kazakhstan tour agencies Gulmira Sikhimova said. According to her, such an original proposal costs almost 5,000 Euro. Only one Kazakhstan men proposed this way while flying over Paris so far.

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